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Extrapreneurs is a learning program based on systemic thinking and coming up with multi-solutions, done through concrete projects brought by established companies and developed in our incubator in Walloon Brabant and Brussels.

The projects respond to multiple societal issues and have an emphasis on sustainability. Therefore we have had projects in the domains of education, nutrition, decentralised recycling, developing real estate with multiple functions, economic forecasting, coaching/wellness at work and ecology.


To find out more, join our information session in Genval  and Brussels for the next season of Extrapreneurs !
Dates : 8 jan. 2020 / 20 jan. 2020 / 29 jan. 2020


Currently, two great societal issues as analysed by Club of Brussels are in pilot phase as projects with Extrapreneurs based in Walloon Brabant, Belgium.

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Extrapreneurs is a new way innovate and learn. Whether you are someone wishing to change career, or an entire organisation looking to be one step ahead of the game, our program will help you acquire the skills to become a leader in transition.