Context and Challenge

The Context : Change is faster than before.

« Creating the bridge between corporations and people »

In a world that is changing more and more rapidly, from disruptions caused by technological innovation to changing trends in consumption, it is now more important than ever to adapt.

Are you ready for this transition? How will you take it on?

The future of work (from now to 2025)

The challenge : Innovation is the key to survival

Even if Kodak developed an innovative solution at the expense of its business, or hotels and taxis are now up against digital startups, that does not mean you have lose to newcomers or the latest breakthroughs in technology.

According to a study by The pursuit of Standard Operating Innovation (Sparksgrove, 2015) the factor that typically stops innovation from happening is an outlook; ‘Risk Aversion’ and a ‘Low Tolerance for Failure’.

So, how do we actually go about this business of innovating, moving out of the core business and bringing forth something that is in tandem with what you are already doing?


Roadblocks to innovation and the path to the future (dérivé de Sparksgrove 2015) 1. Traditional Mindset 2. Risk Aversion 3. Low tolerance for failure 4. High barriers between teams/silos 5. Resistance to ideas from non-executives 6. Resistance to bringing in outside view/expertise 7. Lack of process around innovation

of companies fail to innovate internally.

The main reasons :

  • Not standing out, and when the company finally wants to reinvent itself, it is done suddenly without any core changes in its environment
  • Innovation is considered a risk factor
  • Precautious management
  • Lack of a sandbox structure in which employees are allowed to make mistakes
  • Decision makers outside of the innovation process are inclined to turn down an idea coming from elsewhere within the company

So how do we innovate without reinventing the wheel? Without spending millions in financing your very own incubator? How do we approach a problem while bearing in mind of the needs of the coming market?

Our solution : The excubator for the economy of tomorrow!

Extrapreneurs is the chance for you to innovate, build up new, sustainable projects while backed up by a team of professionals, trainers and forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

As head of a company you have no choice but to confront obstacles such as competing newcomers and changes in consumption. And you definitely know that ‘business as usual’ for the next 20 years is not even an option.

Against such odds what we have to offer are solutions that make you agile enough to navigate in-between these obstacles. Bring us a problem, and what you shall receive in return is an opportunity for you to innovate via our tailor-made training, our wide range of professionals and our entrepreneurs who will be onto your case in no time.


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Extrapreneurs is above all a community of people from different paths who have assembled around the same desire and the same spirit : construct a project for a better world. Having brought a project from Tractebel Engie, I was delighted that I could count on not only two wonderful collaborators from Extrapreneurs but also on the collective intelligence of the various workshops !

Geraldine Tondreau Tractebel ENGIE

I threw myself into the Extrapreneurs adventure because I strongly believe in the model of putting together people with ideas together for co-creation… Very quickly, a nifty team was put in place, federated around a strong common vision and after a few weeks of wavering and exploration, the project suddenly accelerated, as if all the ideas, models, exchanges aligned themselves suddenly in order to liberate their potential.

Quentin Depret Divers Gens

Extrapreneurs is a unique experience that proposes a complete package : professional reality, economic context, permanent challenges, all of this in an impressive human framework to push ourselves and continued reflection on our own responsibility for what lies ahead.

Caroline de Montjoye Extrapreneur

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