The Company of Tomorrow

Context and challenges

The context

Change is faster than ever. We must build bridges between companies and people.

In a world that is transforming faster and faster, with disruptive technological innovations and new ways of consumption, it is more important than ever to adapt rapidly.


The challenge

Disruptive innovation is the key to survival for companies.

We are now entering the greatest shift in history. For businesses such as yours it's the same thing : each company will have to put up a tough fight in an increasingly competitive market filled with newcomers.


Are you ready for the transition ? What steps are you willing to take ?


of companies cannot innovate internally

Main reasons :

Overly cautious managers

Innovation is a risk factor

Lack of "sandbox" structure where employees can make mistakes

Decision-makers are not part of the innovation process and are more likely to reject ideas from outside of the company

When the company has to reinvent itself after many years, it is expected for there to be sudden changes while leaving the overall structure untouched

Our proposal

Give a sense of meaning back to work

Become yourself a newcomer in other sectors, by responding to multiple challenges. After all a challenge can soon become an opportunity. It is during times of conflict that the greatest rewards are reaped.

So tell your teams to value their unique skills and competencies to respond against the upcoming challenges, in alliance with others. This new approach will attract the best and will guarantee your business a place in the world of tomorrow.



How to innovate,
without reinventing the wheel

How to innovate,
without investing millions into your own incubator

How to solve
a problem in line with future market demands

Our solution

The excubator for the company of tomorrow !

Extrapreneurs is the opportunity for you to innovate, to develope new and sustainable projects while being supported by a team of sectoral experts, instructors, and entrepreneurs who are reacting to the transition.

As company manager, ahead of you are obstacles such as economic change, new rivals and new consumers. In such a time as right now you know all too well that you can't keep on doing "business as usual" over the next 20 years.

Against such challenges, we offer you innovative solutions allowing you to be so agile as to be able to gracefully slide in-between these obstacles. Show us your problem and we will bring you an opportunity for you to innovate via our training, our experts and our entrepreneurial volunteers who will immediately start working on your case.



Extrapreneurs is above all a community of people from different paths who have assembled around the same desire and the same spirit : construct a project for a better world. Having brought a project from Tractebel Engie, I was delighted that I could count on not only two wonderful collaborators from Extrapreneurs but also on the collective intelligence of the various workshops !

Geraldine Tondreau Tractebel ENGIE

I threw myself into the Extrapreneurs adventure because I strongly believe in the model of putting together people with ideas together for co-creation… Very quickly, a nifty team was put in place, federated around a strong common vision and after a few weeks of wavering and exploration, the project suddenly accelerated, as if all the ideas, models, exchanges aligned themselves suddenly in order to liberate their potential.

Quentin Depret Divers Gens

Extrapreneurs is a unique experience that proposes a complete package : professional reality, economic context, permanent challenges, all of this in an impressive human framework to push ourselves and continued reflection on our own responsibility for what lies ahead.

Caroline de Montjoye Extrapreneuse


Avenue de Broqueville 12,
1150 Woluwé-Saint-Pierre,