The Entrepreneur of Tomorrow

Experience the entrepreneurial adventure for 4 months !

Access to a co-working space for 4 months

Action-learning based on 9 modules and workshops

6 sessions dedicated to personal development

Business coaching and personal coaching

Create the world of tomorrow !

Extrapreneurs is above all an adventure that responds to the challenges of the future.

The best way to respond to our current set of social and economic challenges is by accompanying and training both corporations and motivated individuals who are ready to become change makers. The Extrapreneurs program takes place for 4 months and will train you in regards to collective intelligence, entrepreneurship and personal development.


The extrapreneurs come in 3 different profiles

The Young Talent

A junior profile who has an entrepreneurial spirit, with the desire to partake in a meaningful project with a company for 4 months.

Entry fee : 250 €*

The Corporate Champion

Someone coming from a large company who brings along a project and a sense of innovation. The corporate champion will work on the company’s project surrounded by a new ecosystem

Entry fee to be discussed

The Shifter

Someone who is going through a career transition, open to the winds of change and to the new emerging economy. Their knowledge and experience will enrich and structure the group. The shifter is motivated to actively participate in a project that holds meaning.

Entry fee : 250 €*

*The entry fee should not be a barrier for participation. If you would like to discuss this with us, contact us at 0498 70 70 37

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How is an extrapreneur trained?

An extrapreneur is trained via action learning. Anyone following our courses will be introduced to a wide variety of subjects and tools in order to expand their horizons when it comes to the future of economics. At the same they will get to work on an innovative project with an established company in order to get a hands-on experience that will make an actual impact in the world.

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By 2025, 2 out of 3 jobs will be gone or will have changed completely

Who are our expert-instructors ?

Our expert-instructors all come from a wide range of backgrounds, but they all have one goal in common : teach the extrapreneur on how to face the economic transition.

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Extrapreneurs is above all a community of people from different paths who have assembled around the same desire and the same spirit : construct a project for a better world. Having brought a project from Tractebel Engie, I was delighted that I could count on not only two wonderful collaborators from Extrapreneurs but also on the collective intelligence of the various workshops ! 

Geraldine Tondreau Tractebel ENGIE

I threw myself into the Extrapreneurs adventure because I strongly believe in the model of putting together people with ideas together for co-creation… Very quickly, a nifty team was put in place, federated around a strong common vision and after a few weeks of wavering and exploration, the project suddenly accelerated, as if all the ideas, models, exchanges aligned themselves suddenly in order to liberate their potential. 

Quentin Depret Divers Gens

Extrapreneurs is a unique experience that proposes a complete package : professional reality, economic context, permanent challenges, all of this in an impressive human framework to push ourselves and continued reflection on our own responsibility for what lies ahead.

Caroline de Montjoye Extrapreneuse

Extrapreneurs' environment offers its participants a space to deeply reflect on where our society and its economy is heading and at the same time it gives out significant information to figure out the paths for a much-needed renaissance.

Jean-Louis Boogaerts Partena


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