Who are we ?

The economy's future lies in a more sustainable and human vision

Extrapreneurs was developed at the heart of our company, Wise Holding (registered under Otherways SCRL).

Our ambition was to unite all of our company's services into one complete program for a wide audience (Transition for everyone is our motto). We also had as a goal to unite and mix people from all walks of life. And thus Extrapreneurs was born !

Our philosophy

Extrapreneurs is part of the larger dynamic of Wise Holding. Experts in economic transition, we have a philosophical focus that comes out in each of our products:services : the power of human creativity, systemic efficiency, and working with the widespread challenges of the moment.

Our ambition is to create a bridge between the economy and a practical form of spirituality. By this what we mean to say is that inner transformation has a large impact on the outer world. That is the reason why Extrapreneurs takes the search of meaning and the personal power of every individual so seriously.

The subjects that are part of our action-learning modules are as diverse as the participants themselves. The projects they work on have to represent challenges that are affecting society at the moment, with a social and sustainable objective behind it. Therefore our projects tend to be in the domains of eduction, nutrition, decentralised recycling, multi-functional buildings, economic forecasting, coaching/wellness at the workplace, ecology, etc.

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Registered as "Otherways SCRL"


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