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In a world that is changing at an ever rapid pace, from technological disruption to new modes of consumption, it is more than necessary to adapt rapidly to keep ahead. All of this, in addition to now present ecological and social challenges, are what all companies have to bear in mind.

Are you ready to face the transition ? What have you been doing to adapt ?

Your employees, who are already focused on their day-to-day tasks, have neither the time nor energy to dream up of something completely new. They are not going to take up the risk of a project that may not succeed or that would need to be developed through several iterations. Trial-and-error is too much for them.

However, once a project becomes more concrete, it will be well within their capacity to fully develop and implement it efficiently.


of companies do not manage to innovate internally

Our solution : The excubator for sustainable innovation !

Extrapreneurs is an opportunity for your company to mature its ideas, test its innovations, and develop new and sustainable products.

Give us a problem, and our extrapreneurs (backed by a team of experts, trainers and coaches) will work at once to take care of it with the assistance of an Ambassador from your own company.

It's also time to identify some profiles that can be integrated as part of your team. In connection with everything, your reputation will get a boost and the corporate culture will be stimulated by present opportunities. Additionally, more talents will be motivated to stay with you in the long run.


Extrapreneurs' environment offers its participants a space to deeply reflect on where our society and its economy is heading and at the same time it gives out significant information to figure out the paths for a much-needed renaissance.

Jean-Louis Boogaerts

I threw myself into the Extrapreneurs adventure because I strongly believe in the model of putting together people with ideas together for co-creation… Very quickly, a nifty team was put in place, federated around a strong common vision and after a few weeks of wavering and exploration, the project suddenly accelerated, as if all the ideas, models, exchanges aligned themselves suddenly in order to liberate their potential. 

Quentin Depret
Divers Gens

Extrapreneurs is a unique experience that proposes a complete package : professional reality, economic context, permanent challenges, all of this in an impressive human framework to push ourselves and continued reflection on our own responsibility for what lies ahead.

Caroline de Montjoye

Extrapreneurs is above all a community of people from different paths who have assembled around the same desire and the same spirit : construct a project for a better world. Having brought a project from Tractebel Engie, I was delighted that I could count on not only two wonderful collaborators from Extrapreneurs but also on the collective intelligence of the various workshops ! 

Geraldine Tondreau
Tractebel ENGIE

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