Learn Differently in Walloon Brabant

In response to the challenge of job training for the workforce of tomorrow as explained in the article by l’Echo, Wise Holding has decided to dedicates its next season of Extrapreneurs to the following theme:

How to train for the workforce of tomorrow with a sustainable and wholistic approach?

This season of Extrapreneurs, companies, public organisations and citizens will join forces to create long-term projects dedicated to awakening vocations and and learning.

The Program

With the extrapreneurs & ambassadors, we will :

Learn how to learn; participants will define and build their own skillset and know-how, while being supported by coaches. This includes:

  • Gaining skills by participating in a real project
  • Gaining knowledge via collective intelligence and personal development
  • But most of all, learning how to share our knowledge with others

Create learning tools: web platform, social media content, multi-solutions cursus, etc. that will form the basis of a circular knowledge dynamic.

Collaborate to create a meaningful project with a widespread impact. The project:

  • Can have spin-offs
  • Can result in participants being proposed as candidates to corporate partners

Most importantly, have a rich and fulfilling experience.

Why have a pilot project focused on the circular economy and education based in Walloon Brabant?

Walloon Brabant, with its tech-based corporations and educational network, has already a highly developed knowledge economy. However despite these positive points, it still has to deal with the talent war, adapt to the digital economy and work on many other societal and ecological challenges.

Our goal is to make Walloon Brabant more resilient against these challenges while focusing on its already existing strengths.

The circular knowledge economy is a knowledge-based model that not only about going from specialised operators to end users, but also moves from person-to-person, affecting all of society. Local communities and face-to-face contact make up a large part of this model. Once this approach is validated in Walloon Brabant, what has been learnt through this pilot project can be used, replicated and intensified.

We have received the active support of InBW, the province of Walloon Brabant, public network initiatives and professional associations. We have also made ties with several schools and universities.

Partners for action-learning


According to the Extrapreneurs model, corporate partners will send a project that will help them develop ideas, test innovations and expand on new and sustainable products. They will send in ambassadors representing their company in order to keep a connection between them and the project.

Partners will support the development of their project through both financial and other means. This includes sharing their expertise and having their human resources at the ready when needed.


As an organisation, you can propose projects of added value that conforms to your recruitment needs or innovation trajectory. You would publish the profiles that you are looking for and have access to the participants.

Your employees can participate in the teams either occasionally or for the entire duration of the project; they will be the ambassadors of "Learning Differently in Walloon Brabant", and add to a positive dynamic that will affect your organisation.

From time to time you will receive the groups in your company in order to help them progress through coaching or practical aid with the projects. You will develop skills and training to adapt to transition, and also allow employees to become more resilient when facing large changes.


The teams will be made of 4 to 10 people made up of ambassadors from corporate partners as well as individual participants who have jointed, and they will all be supported by a team of experts from various sectors, trainers and coaches. Have such a diversity is ideal for stimulating creativity.

The Extrapreneurs themselves are motivated citizens, and the program allows them to evolve as people and find joy in learning. They will use their own unique passions and talents in order to recreate education in a way that will be inclusive for all.

As for the action-learning, certain technical skills linked to work will be taught and immediately applied in the projects. Additionally, these skills will be evaluated at the end of the project to ensure their value on the job market.

Participants will gain invaluable insights that will serve them for the rest of their life, such as:

  • Digital skills
  • Soft skills and the ability to learn on one's own
  • An entrepreneurial mindset

Project/Training Location

Mazerin Business Center
Rue du Cerf 200,
1332 Genval

Important Dates

OCT. 2019 – FEB. 2020


Mobilising companies and stakeholders and formalise projects proposed by partners

Selection of projects proposed by citizens

Recruitment of project team

FEB. 2020 – MAY 2020


Training and coaching of teams

First season of Learn Differently in Walloon Brabant

MAY 2020 – JULY 2020


Celebration and awards, trips

Recruitment of participants by corporate partners

Consolidation and financing of spin-offs and derivative projects

Overview and improvements for Season 5 scale up