Our Expert-Instructors

Michel de Kemmeter

Entrepreneur, author, real estate investor and lecturer, but most of all a researcher in the economic transition. Fascinated by economic and personal ‘reconnection’, he decided to fuse his two passions and change his priorities in 2001 in order to concentrate on the study of economic change. He has worked on 4 continents with with a wide range of industries and leading experts, each time with the same goal : how to instil more humanity, personal values and conscience in the economy.

Philippe Drouillon

An industrial engineer specialised in biochemistry, Philippe completed his education with a degree in biotechnology, an Executive MBA at the London Business School and a certificate in coaching. After having spent more than 20 years at Groupe Solvay, he started his own company, ‘Metamorphosis’. Entrepreneur, consultant, coach and instructor, Philippe brings professional activities and his passion for sustainability (in the broad sense of the word) together through Metamorphosis. His conviction that a collective, an organisation, or a territory can only last if this sustainability is equally present in the practices of its functioning collective.

Michèle Pasture

A geek since the age of 25 and a web pioneer with an inquiring mind, her primary interests are in the areas of nutrition and education, and the challenges that they pose.

Michèle is always ready to do her part. Today, she applies her years of experience in management to computing projects and improving the operation of services specialised in sustainable transition.

She had previously participated as an Extrapreneur in 2019, and with her you can count to be trained with rigour and efficiency.

Pierre Chaudoir

Pierre Chaudoir is a natural born communicator. Son of a para-commando active in Korea and the Congo, he merges rigour with creativity. Lobbyist, epicurean and interpreneur, he is an insatiable serial entrepreneur, and has been been active in improv theatre and the radio (Concept, SIS, FM56, Twizz, BXFM, and more). He has helped develop VW Fun Cup and Dinner in the Sky, and excelled in his positive approach with PAN, Bruwelles Métropole, Leaders, and WaWaMag.

His career in advertising has taken place in large companies (Mc Cann, Publicis, JWT, Euro Rscg), all while cultivating his own altruism within the creation of civic dynamics such as the Frigos Solidaires. Active in the world of art (improvisation, theatre) and sport (hockey, golf, automobile sports, Utra Athlète, etc.), all the while sharing his diverse knowledge within graduate schools (CAD, ECS, Charles Peguy, Solvay Business School).

He loves impossible challenges, and has the bad habit of succeeding at them. A relentless networker, he has one of the longest (and most mixed-up) list of contacts in all of Belgium.

Two mottos:

  • Life. Don’t take it too seriously. Proof: nobody comes out alive.
  • In communication, you aren’t responsible for what you say, but how you’re understood.

Benoit de Bellefroid

A professional in communication since 1987, Benoit has also been an explorer in human potential since a quarter of a century.

In Belgium and France alike, he has worked as a consultant in public relations, marketing manager, a trainer for educational publications and a sales/production manager in the publication of interactive communication. He is often involved in professional projects where it is essential to apply new solutions.

At the same time he has developed a broad experience in research and teaching conventionally referred to as personal development and collective intelligence.

As part of his own companies since 2009, Benoit now focuses his energy and skills on people and organisations that need to advance their talents and develop an activities in line with with who they are and what they do.