Our Values

Benevolence :

We expect that each and every Extrapreneur is benevolent and respectful to themselves and other participants in the adventure. Whenever a problem is felt we encourage communication.

Openness :

Regarding others and the world. We all come with our own baggage, and it is essential that we accept everybody for who they are. One of the goals of Extrapreneurs is also to open minds to new horizons and perceptions.

Novelty :

There’s always the risk of falling into a “linear” trajectory. It is important to remind oneself that Extrapreneurs is at its very core about creativity and disruption. Don’t worry about following unconventional paths of logic. It’s encouraged to think in a way that is systemic rather than traditional to avoid the cutting off of ideas.

Humility :

Being humble is about not being controlled by the ego. It is a respectful posture, achieved by accepting that there is no way of knowing everything, as well as asking yourself the right questions. Asking for help from the team and taking inspiration from best practices are also forms of humility.

Engagement :

By participating in Extrapreneurs it is expected that you will be deeply engaged in the adventure. It is essential to dedicate a required amount of time, and everyone is expected to take responsibility and respect the infrastructure, materials and other team members.

Union :

Above all, Extrapreneurs is a human adventure. We may be faster on our own, but united together in a collective experience we will move a lot further.

Resilience :

We encourage participants to develop a sense of resilience, to adapt to obstacles that come their way in an agile manner. On our side, we will adapt to your needs as well. It could be said that Extrapreneurs’ programme mirrors life ; it’s not linear and nothing can be foreseen entirely in advance. The most important thing is that everyone does their best and adapt to the circumstances they find themselves in.