Who are we ?

Extrapreneurs belongs to the larger dynamic of our company, Wise Holding (registered under Otherways SCRL).

Wise holding is a group of experts and entrepreneurs making way for the transition towards an economy that is both socially-orientated and responsible. To achieve our goal, we develop a set of practical tools to assist companies and individuals.

Extrapreneurs and our think tank the Club of Brussels are backed by this philosophy.


Our philosophy

With Extrapreneurs we combine all of our services that are related to reflection, consultation and innovation in a single programme. This programme is intended for people from different kinds of backgrounds, as we believe that thinking collectively is what brings systemic solutions into creation.

We believe that to influence the outer world of the material economy one has to be open to inner transformation. That is why we take the search for meaning, self coherence and personal empowerment so seriously within this programme.

Extrapreneurs is a private progrmme, without public funding, which grants us freedom in what we can do and how fast we can adapt.

As of today, we have already executed three seasons of Extrapreneurs based on these principles, and a session at VUB Vesalius College.

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Registered as "Otherways SCRL"


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